Cuisine of India

For the past month I have embarked on a culinary journey right through my back door. A wonderful little store opened up and started selling products from India. The thing that intrigued me most was the opportunity to take cooking classes.

But I also had reservations about signing up until I found out…She also prepared food for takeout.

And so I had to give it a taste, because here’s the deal, I had tried Indian food at several restaurants in a neighboring city and was mildly impressed.  Felt like they were catering to the American palette so I never went back.

So here is where it gets interesting…I really liked her food. You could taste the layers of flavor, and they made me wanting for more…give me more.  To make a long story short, I signed up for her cooking classes and I’m loving it. And I decided to share with you what I’ve learn.  So…

In the weeks and months to come you will see a number of dishes that are of Indian origin.  Many of the recipes are vegetarian, but will be so flavor-full  you will, and I hope, not miss the meat.  Here’s a confession, I love my meat, but surprisingly when I eat many of the veggie dishes of India I feel satisfied.  This could be due to the complex mixes of spices that are combined during each level of cooking.

This type of cooking makes anything, even veggies feel robust and satisfying.

So tie on your apron, sharpen those knives and armchair travel with me on this culinary journey…

Dinner for Two…Sauteed Fish and Zucchini

Fish and Zucchini Dinner

Easy Dinner for Two


Looking for a way to fix that extra Zucchini?  Here is one way with a nice piece of Swai Fish Fillet.  It was late and no idea what to make for dinner.  So to the kitchen I went in search of inspiration to fix a delicious healthy meal. Found the Zucchini and saw the tomatoes on the counter and things started coming together.

Checked the Freezer and sure enough was two individually wrapped Swai Fish Fillets.  They were put into a cold water bath to defrost. Next was to get the veggies ready for the Iron Skillet.  Love my Iron Skillets great way to saute quickly with controlled heat.  These babies hold the heat well and evenly.

When all was finished my husband and I dived right in.  Went great with a nice glass of Chardonnay.

Zucchini and Onions

Saute Zucchini and Onions with minced garlic

Slice your onion into thin half moons and start them cooking.  After they turn a golden brown add in your chopped garlic and cook for about a minute.  For the zucchini I used a small size, sliced in half and then thinly sliced in to half moons.  Add these to the onions and garlic cooking until they just start to soften.

Get the Tomatoes chopped before you put the Zucchini into the pan, so they are ready to throw in when the Zucchini starts to soften.

Chopped Roma Tomatos

Chopped Roma Tomatoes

Then…throw them with the zucchini

Tomatoes added to Zucchini

Toward the end add the chopped tomatoes

Let the tomatoes cook with the zucchini on a low heat until they are soften just a little.  While your veggies are cooking prepare you fish fillets. They should be thawed out by now if used frozen.

Heat up a skillet with a little oil to saute the fish in, while that is heating up…

Pat dry your fish fillets and and salt and pepper to taste, then dredge in a little all-purpose flour, or if you are watching you gluten sometimes I will dredge in a little rice flour. (gives it a nice crispy texture).

When the fish fillets are done place a generous portion of veggies on your plate and lay the fillet over it.  Sprinkle with a little green onion or fresh chopped parsley.

Last but not least a Dinner for Two would not be complete without a bottle of white wine.

Sauteed Fish and Zucchinin

Great Easy Dinner for Two

 Swai Fillets with Sauteed Veggies

3 tbs of cooking oil

1/2 large onion thinly sliced into half moons

2 garlic cloves minced

4 to 5 small zucchinis sliced into half moons

4 to 5 Roma tomatoes chopped

2 large Swai Fillets 5 to 7 ounces

Salt and Pepper to taste on every thing

3 tables of  AP Flour or Rice Flour

2 to 3 tbs of either chopped green onions or parsley for garnish. (optional)

First chop onions and garlic and set aside. Heat up a skillet with the oil. While that is heating up start chopping the rest of the veggies. Once oil is hot place the onions in and saute until they start to turn a golden brown.  This brings out the onions sweetness. Place the garlic in an saute a few minutes. Then…

Place the zucchini in with the onions and cook until they start to soften. Once this happens put the chopped tomatoes in and cook for a few minutes more

For The Fish Fillets

Start a second skillet with 2 tbs of oil in the mean time…

If you defrosted the fish in a water bath, pat dry, then salt and pepper each fillet. then dredge in you flour.  Once the oil is hot place each fillet in the sauce pan to saute until the edges start to look cooked then flip and finish the other side which should not take as long as the first side. Your want the fish firm and moist. When it starts to look dry, it has been cooked to long.

Then place a generous portion of veggies on one side of dinner plate and lay the fish fillet over part of the veggies. Garnish with a little parsley or green onion for taste.