Some Background Informtion

Before I post my first recipes, I thought I should give a little bit of information regarding me, the writer.  Some 47 years ago I was introduced to a way of living through my parents that would shaped the way I looked at food for the rest of my life.

We had just moved out to 10 acres of land that back-up to a river from where my father would catch catfish and hunt for deer. Our backyard was full of farm animals, there was chickens, a  jersey milk cow along with baby calf’s from time to time.  Yes we did raise the baby calf’s to eat.

The Jersey cow not only provided us with delicious milk, but also tasty creamy butter…and the best homemade Ice Cream…YUM!!!

At one point we even had pigs, they were so cute. Oh, yes  we even had three horses

The thing I remember most was the huge garden we had to the side of our house…we grew just about everything we needed to live. My Mother would can or freeze any extras we had for the cooler months.

What was best was this…Various areas of the property had Dewberry bushes from which my Mother and Father would spend hours picking the delicate berries to make the most mouthwatering Jam.

My sister and I would beg to help pick these wonderful berries, but were not allowed, due to the population of rattle snakes. So we were lead to believe…we think it was because we would eat most of what we would pick!!!

The only time my mother went to the store was to pick-up items we could not grow or raise.  Such was my life back then, not bad…

Then due to my father’s employment we had to leave.  We ended up moving around the Western part of the United States. We meet many wonderful people, who ate different types of cuisine, from Mexican, Italian, Asian and even Navajo Tacos from the Indian Reservations.

Into my adult life I have even encountered more types of cuisine, from Southern cooking to how they do things here in the Midwest. Along with cooking classes I have taken to learn more about different cuisines.

That began my never ending culinary journey…you will find that most of my recipes do not use many processed items if at all.  I endeavor to stay away from additives and many unnatural  preservatives due to health issues.

You will see a lot of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, and proteins.  Oh, yes and I love to use herbs and spices…a lot.  You may even see recipes with loose leaf teas added.

Thus is my Culinary experience I plan to share with you through my Blog entitled Well Oiled Dishes.  Come and enjoy and don’t forget the wine…beer…or cocktail, makes no difference to me!

See you soon…